Zero estimated glycemic load.

If you are on a Keto diet, are diabetic,  on a low-carb diet, or just careful about your sugar consumption, then this is the chocolate for you.

Crotters’ Best is here to satisfy the cravings of chocolate lovers, (such as low-carb dieters and diabetics), who’ve been yearning for a chocolate, they can REALLY eat.

This rich, dark chocolate bar offers a complex chocolate flavor with just the perfect amount of acidity and a bright sweet finish.

Crotter’s Best is sweetened with pure Sucralose.

Crotters’ Best contains no sugar alcohols, such as Maltitol or Sorbitol.

Sugar alcohols are known to have a laxative effect when consumed in moderate or large quantities.  Other brands use them.  We don’t.  So eat without worry. 

No preservatives. No fillers. Gluten free, and shipping is free!

Not a low calorie food.

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