About us

Crotter's Best set out to solve a problem... to make a chocolate sweetened with  Splenda® Brand Sweetener, and nothing else:  not sugar,  sugar alcohols, or Stevia.  The American Dietetic Association advises that more than 50 grams of sorbitol or 20 grams of mannitol per day can cause diarrhea.

If you love chocolate as much as we do at Crotter's Best, that means until now, you couldn't eat chocolate like you want to: with abandon.

After months of work the kitchen the formula was complete. Crotter's Best Radically Dark Bittersweet Chocolate  sweetened with Sweetened with  Splenda® Brand Sweetener.  After sharing samples of our product with local San Francisco  Chefs and getting their seal of approval we decided to share our discovery with the public and make bars available for everyone.


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